Wedding Receptions

If you are planning on having a wedding reception, choose Trzebosz Palace. All the receptions we hold are elegant, carefully planned and simply flawless ? just ask any of the couples who had the opportunity to entrust their wedding receptions to us.

Trzebosz Palace, which is over three hundred years old, comprises a complex of meticulously restored buildings, including the Palace itself and the Granary. The visitors will be stunned by the elegant fashion of the interior and their kids will just love the beautifully maintained park with playground attractions. Our visitors are always contented with the fact that they can feel comfortable and at ease not only indoors, but out in the park as well.

Everything we do in Trzebosz Palace is perfectly planned as we do not want anything to disturb the peace and comfort of the Newlyweds, especially on such a significant day. Our staff will make sure everything goes according to the Newlyweds’ wishes and meet their needs in slightest detail. We can arrange the reception to reflect your original ideas (e.g. a manor or vintage style type of party). Our decorators will produce cohesive and consistent decorations. The chef will suggest a choice of dishes to please the most demanding palates, always having in mind that the menu is to suit the Newlyweds.

The Bride is welcome to take advantage of a romantic carriage drawn by a couple of horses or optionally ? ?Warszawa?, an antique Polish vehicle. Have your wedding reception at our Palace and experience unforgettable moments of joy. Scenic views, numerous attractions, professional staff and years of experience are our trademark.

The menu will be designed to reflect your expectations.