Our restaurant

Fancy having dinner with your family or friends on the weekend? Can?t go wrong with the Palace Restaurant in Trzebosz. It is the only place in Poland where you can try the unbelievably tasty ?Pierogi Trzeboszańskie? (Trzebosz dumplings). This delicacy has been served here for decades. If you are really starving, we suggest starting with a bread spread, a local specialty. What follows, is a real feast: crispy duck with apples and then fish ? salmon and trout. All our dishes are made here, at  the restaurant, from fresh ingredients. The gourmets will certainly remember yet another special dish ? cream of white vegetables, which is served at our Palace Restaurant exclusively. The menu also includes dishes made in the bread furnace ? venison, lamb, pork and smoked eel. You can also try vegetarian dishes or even create your own dish ? our chef can fulfill any gourmet’s dreams.

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