Horse rides ? a novelty!

There are numerous attractions awaiting you at Trzebosz Palace, like horse rides, for example. There is a horse riding club, called ?Leśny Dwór?, located  in the nearby town of Pakówka. The club was started, and is still owned, by Mrs. Katarzyna GŁUSZEK and Mr. Zbigniew GŁUSZEK.
Katarzyna is an educator, an instructor, but most importantly, a lover of these noble animals. She teaches young riders on a daily basis.
Mr. Zbigniew Głuszek, a forester by profession, is not only a horse breeding manager at the club, but also an active instructor often taking groups of horse-riding students for rides in the country. Katarzyna and Zbigniew are both helped by their eldest son, Maciej ? a horse-riding instructor himself.
So, take a horse ride or learn how to ride a horse in Pakówka.
?Leśny Dwór?, which was voted the best horse riding club in Poland on two occasions, is our partner now. The club has also been awarded first prize in ?Zielone Lato? (Green Summer) ? a contest held by ?Jedynka?, a Polish radio broadcaster.