A tour of Trzebosz Palace

Come see the beautiful interiors of the three-hundred-year-old Palace hosting a collection of exhibits from the past.

You simply cannot miss, among other things, the Fireplace Room, the Library or the Hunting Room with its polychrome ceiling, meticulously restored under the supervision of the heritage conservator. Definitely ask us about the extraordinary history of the Palace and its treasure allegedly hidden somewhere within its premises. Trzebosz Palace is also one of the very few ones which is not, and actually has never been, inhabited by a spirit. The Palace’s residents have always lived happy lives and did not need to worry about any malevolent entities willing to put a spell on them.

It was right in the vicinity of the Palace that Adam Mickiewicz, a famous Polish 19th century poet and writer, participated in hunting, which he actually described in one of his notable pieces of work, ?Pan Tadeusz?.
There are numerous fascinating stories relating to this unique place. Make sure not to miss them.

Visit the Palace premises on any weekday (upon prior reservation). The entrance fee is PLN 10 per person. Feel free to try the aromatic coffee and excellent desserts served at the Palace Restaurant.